Sports reviews

As a golden state fan I am excited to see how Kevin Durant will add even more awesomeness to the team. Im probably one of the only people that will say that because almost everyone is blabbing about “he did this for more money” I mean everyone would do that if you could get more money. In  my opinion it was a smart more on his part. He is an excellent player who deserves the chance to win a championship. I have been a fan of Kevin Durant for a long time… but him and Steph Curry and Klay Thompson, it will be phenomenal!!


Cleveland Browns running back Isaiah Crowell apologized and said his social media reaction to last week’s killing of two black men by police was “very wrong” Crowell said he made a “extremely poor decision” when he posted a drawing that graphically showed a hooded person putting something that looks like a machete into the throat of a police officer.



Check out jade the nightmare’s soundcloud. just tap on the picture. Check out jade the nighmare’s site here!!


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